How it works

A Complete Grading Process

Job Evaluation

Simple, easy to use process. Tried and tested. Applies to all jobs. Job sizes calculated automatically.

Grade Structure

Includes your grade structure so you don’t have to maintain separate records. Include your pay ranges too if you like.

Standards Reports

Get what you need at the press of a button. Export data for further analysis and reports as you need to.

Interface overview

User friendly dashboard

Define pay ranges list

Edit pay range panel

Records page

Easy administration

Setting-up Evaluation Sessions

Simple planning tool included. Allocate evaluators to each session. Input job details beforehand so you maximise the time available for evaluation.

Maintaining Records

Evaluation records maintained automatically. Covers: decisions, who was involved and the date of the evaluation with a full audit trail. Update records as necessary. Control access using built in security protocols. Get the information you need easily and quickly.

Manage your Grade Structure

This links nicely to the job evaluation process making your life a whole lot easier. And, if you need additional expertise we can help.

Evaluations Session from start to finish

Create evaluators panel

Set up session page

List of evaluation sessions

Factors scoring and notes

Saved evaluation

View the summary

Print summary

Export records

The power of data

Export data

Use the export tool to extract what you need. This helps you to analyse relevant information and prepare reports.

Standard Reports

We know the typical reports our clients’ need so save time by using our standard reports.

Security Protocols

Protect your data by controlling access using the password and permissions features.


Use the outputs to benchmark pay and benefits data. If you have preferred suppliers we can calibrate the outputs for you so you can focus on the analysis. If you don’t we can provide you with market data.

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A simple, easy to use process. Tried and tested in various sectors. A complete grading process and you don’t have to be a Reward specialist to use it.