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Evaluating jobs and assigning pay grades has never been easier. EasyGrading makes managing pay very straightforward. Request a demo today.

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Quick overview

In a nutshell

Use a job evaluation process that works in any context. Operate confidently without consulting support. Manage pay equity with ease. Manage your pay structure. Use the outputs for benchmarking against any pay survey.

Evaluation process

Use a tried and tested methodology that works. At the heart of it is a set of evaluation factors that apply to all jobs. Just select the levels that apply, input the details and EasyGrading calculates the job size automatically. Maintain the records you need as you go along. Links nicely to your grade structure and you can use it for benchmarking.

Setting up session

Do the preparatory work in advance of the session. Simply select the date and venue and who will participate. Create a record for each job quickly and easily and you are ready to go! Make changes in seconds. Leaves you free to focus on the evaluation process rather than the administration behind it.

Organising and exporting data

Use the standard reports to get the information you need. Export to Excel or PDF whenever you like. Audit trail included.

Expertise at your fingertips

The subscription includes training from one of our job evaluation experts. You also get access to hints and tips. Use the helpline if you need it. You can also pull in one of our reward experts if you need specialist support at any time.

If you need job evaluation give EasyGrading a try

A simple, easy to use process. Tried and tested in various sectors. A complete grading process and you don’t have to be a Reward specialist to use it. Ask for your free demo now.